Sea stacks of South West England and Madeira

Its midday in mid-summer. The brilliant light shows the olivine sea bed and crystalline blue sandy shallows. Up above are the shadowed blue-grey chalk cliffs of the headland, topped with smooth green sward and yellow coconut-scented gorse. On the flat calm sea, sticking close to the shore, is the slab silhouette of a canal barge picking its way carefully along the coast, passing from mouth to mouth. Extract from One Thousand Stones

green schist

The Tusk 120 feet XS 5b
The narrow westerly pinnacle gives a memorable day out. Start beneath a groove on
the west face.
1 40 feet 5b. Climb to overhangs at 15 feet and pull over and up a groove to the lefthand
end of the prominent ledge.
2 80 feet 5b. Climb the left side of the mainland arete to ledges. Move 15 left to the
centre of the face and go up a left-trending crack to the top. Abseil descent from peg
belays placed on the far side.
First ascent: Mick Fowler, Andy Meyers, Sonja Vietoris, 9 May 1987. The Stack Climbing Guide to Britain