Joan Ford’s Newtake

upright/downright granites

proposed as:
-Joan Ford’s Newtake Row
-Tor Royal Newtake Row
-remains of linhay
-hitching posts
-seasonal calendar
-anomalous short row of 5 stones related to Harold’s Stones/Saith Mean/Callanish (S2 type)
-pathway to the gods
-substitute penises
-remains of a wall to prevent domesticates moving freely
-remains of a wall to clear free ranging stones
-denuded long Dartmoor row (S8 type)
-geocache ticked off
-a point of interest, or no interest, to Lieutenant Sloggett R.E.
-boundary marker for a religious administrative district
-stock photo
-heritage asset
-health and wellbeing prescription
-part of a recurring nightmare
-future sedimentary resource as china clay
-future constituent of bomb proof door