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  • This doctrine rail

    This doctrine rail

    “Like many other disputed points of antiquarian interest , where no contemporary authority or external evidence can be adduced on either side, the Rock Basins have afforded a fruitful source of controversy. Whilst some have strenuously advocated their claims to the venerable character of Druidical relics, “others at this doctrine rail” attribute their formation to…

  • Joan Ford’s Newtake

    Joan Ford’s Newtake

    upright/downright granites proposed as:-Joan Ford’s Newtake Row-Tor Royal Newtake Row-remains of linhay-hitching posts-seasonal calendar-anomalous short row of 5 stones related to Harold’s Stones/Saith Mean/Callanish (S2 type)-pathway to the gods-substitute penises-remains of a wall to prevent domesticates moving freely-remains of a wall to clear free ranging stones-denuded long Dartmoor row (S8 type)-geocache ticked off-a point of…

  • Pobull Fhinn

    Pobull Fhinn

    Fionn’s People looking out over the lochans

  • Nutcracker


    People still go looking for the Nutcracker stone on the side of Rippon Tor